Traveling with Disabilities

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Traveling with a Disability can be a little changeling but it is not as hard as one would think. Each country has its own way of doing things and all the standards are sometimes not as high as the United States. The accommodations could be a little harder than what a person with disabilities are used to here, in their home towns. But, it should not turn you off when it comes to traveling.



If you are traveling with a disability, the first thing to do is call the airport, the hotel and even talk with your travel agent and let them all know what your disability is. Then they can go over what services are available to you during your vacation. If you know someone with the same or similar disability, who has traveled to where you are going, talk with them and see what information you can take from them to have a wonderful and great trip.

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The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has a helpline number that is designed to help travelers with disabilities and medical issues. The helpline is set to answer any questions or concerns about traveling with a disability. TSA toll free at 1-855-787-2227, call before you go so you know what to expect before getting to the airport.

Planning is so critical, call your physician before you leave. Carry on you at all times medical alert information and a letter from your doctor explaining your medical condition, medications, any complications and any other information that is a need to know to basis’s for other physicians. This is just “in case” something does happen, then other doctors can help you immediately instead of starting from the beginning and trying to find out what is the issue. Make sure you have enough medication to last you your entire trip and make sure to have a little extra in case there are any delays in your trip. Get a copy of all prescriptions and ask what the generic names are so if you do run out or lose your meds you can purchase them abroad. When using a generic name most pharmacists are likely to be familiar with that name. Also, pack your medications in a carry on, in case your checked luggage gets lost (it happens from time to time). When going through security, they may want to review your pills, make sure they are in the pill bottle that you get from the pharmacy.

If you use a service dog or any equipment to assist you, contact the embassy or consulate where you are traveling to. Get as much information as you can for restrictions. If you are allowed service dogs, find out requirements for quarantine, vaccination and any documents you may need for the dog. Speak to the hotel, make sure they will accommodate the service dog as well. Contact the vet and let them know you are traveling and make sure they are up to date on all shots. Ask the hotel and airport about the policies for any specific equipment you may have to have with you such as wheelchairs, portable machines, respirators and oxygen.


As you can see there is planning that needs to be done, but its just a few phone calls and a few visits. But it can be easily done. When your ready to book a trip of a life time please contact us at Simply Dream Travel and we will do our very best to make it as easy as possible.



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