Rehersal Dinner Etiquette

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So the big day is almost finally here…..You will be practicing a few days before your wedding at your church or ceremony spot. Normally after the practice wedding, there is a dinner with the bridal party and some other guests of your choosing. Let’s talk about how this special dinner is supposed to go down!


Who is invited?

  • Bride and Groom
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsman
  • Flower Girl
  • Ring Bearer
  • Officiant
  • Both sets of parents
  • Any other family members and friends who you want to share this special time with.

You may also invite others that you can not host at the dinner. Sometimes its easier to have a smaller more intimate dinner. But when sending out the invitations watch the wording, if you word it right those guests probably won’t even know there was a dinner before hand. Use words like rehearsal party and not rehearsal dinner on their invites.

When Do I Mail the Invitations?

Send the invites out after the wedding invitations. Wait about 4 weeks before the event. The wedding and rehearsal are two different events, so never enclose them in the same envelope. Feel free to be more creative and colorful with these invites, this does not have to be a formal evening.

When Should the Planning Begin?

Yes yes, more and more planning! Chose a great location for your needs. Do book somewhere where you or whoever is paying can afford. Like before, it doesn’t have to be a formal evening. It can even be at a bar and  get pizzas and salads for everyone. You know most people really enjoy eating pizza! But it might be best to make sure you have your own private areas for speeches or even just so it stays intimate. Give the location you chose at least three to six months. If you are getting married on a Saturday, plan your rehearsal on a Thursday evening. The venue may be a little cheaper than say a Friday night. Plus, Friday should be kept opened for any last minute things and a day at the spa too! Friday can be a day of rest for everyone (Especially if they partied too hard). All guests should be refreshed by Saturday!


Who Should Pay?

In wedding tradition and etiquette, the grooms family normally pays. It shows that they can also host and entertain a lovely party just as much as the brides family can. But, it does not have to be this way, as more and more families are sharing the expenses or brides and grooms are paying their own way, it just depends how your family plans the whole wedding. When your planning the wedding and have discussions with your families remember to talk about this night as well.

What Should be Done this Night?

Nothing formal needs to be done. You and the groom may want to say a few words, like thanking everyone for playing a part of your day. The bridal party may have put a slide show together for the both of you. You may want to just party and karaoke after dinner too. The options are endless. You may also want to give each person a gift that is in your bridal party. A option for your bridesmaids is jewelry, you may want them to wear at the wedding with their dresses. The groomsman might be a little harder, but something personalized such as a beer mug or money clip might be nice for them to remember your special day. But, try and show them some type of appreciation! They both have taken the time to be there for your huge day!



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