The Best Man Toast

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Ah, the best man speech! It’s such a honor to be the best man and give that special toast. When anyone at a wedding speaks in front of a crowd, it can be nerve raking but if you keep it simple, sweet and add a little humor your speech you will sure be a hit! Here are a few do’s, don’ts and advice to help you be successful for your wedding toast. Some best man’s do not come prepared and … Read More

Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor Speeches

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Take a deep breath lady! Your up right after the best man says his speech. Most people are terrified of public speaking or speaking to a large crowd. With the tips in this blog, hopefully some of those butterflies won’t flutter so much when giving your amazing maid of honor (or bridesmaid) toast. Where to Start? A lot of times getting going is the hard part. Sure you and the bride probably have over one million stories you could tell! … Read More

Bars, Bars, & Bars

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When it comes to wedding planning there are so many different options to chose from. Brides and grooms often question what can we afford and what would be better for our guests. Let’s be honest your wedding isn’t for you, its for the guests! Of course they are all there to celebrate your new marriage! But, your catering to them more! What type of bar option is best for you and your guests? Let’s look at the different bars options … Read More

Waterfalls, Waterfalls

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The Earth has some amazing natural waterfalls to see. Sure, there are tons all over the world, but there are some who’s beauty can not go without mentioning and putting on a list of the top 5 beautiful-ist waterfalls on this planet. 1. Yosemite Falls, California Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, standing at about 2,425 feet. The waterfall also does not flow all year round, but a better part of the year it flows. … Read More

What is the Meaning of a Surreal Vacation

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Sometimes when one dreams they dream about the most unrealistic things. There are a few surreal places around the world that look like they do not truly exist, almost like you would see it in a dream….. The Wave, Arizona The Wave is a Sandstone rock formation that is located on the Arizona Utah Boarder. It is a very famous place for hikers to reach. The terrain to get to The Wave, is very rugged and quite the hike. It … Read More

Ice & Snow Hotels

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After the long winter we had,  who wants to hear about ice and snow? I’m sure no ones does. But, there are many people who like the cold and love to vacation at very unique places. Ice hotels are very rare due to the specific conditions they require. Most ice hotel temperatures are about 23-28 degrees. Every year these hotels are rebuilt. In the spring time the hotels melt down, so starting in the fall the builders start to build these … Read More

Safest Destinations for Female Travelers

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Now a days its harder for anyone to be safe when traveling. Its a good idea to always travel with other people. If you and your bridesmaids want to do a vacation together and have a girls trip, it would be a good idea to do some research and make sure your destination is safe. It can be dangerous for women to travel alone, there are high number of sexual assault crimes. When you are traveling make sure you play … Read More

Marrying into a Different Culture

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Marrying into a different religion or culture can be very hard on a couple. There are a few tips and suggestions a future husband and wife should think about before the big day. Remember every family is not like yours, their traditions and beliefs are probably not going to be remotely like yours at all. Communication This is the most important key to any successful marriage. But, its even more significant when culture is not the same. There will be … Read More

Iceland, One of the Most Relaxing Places in the World

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Let’s talk about pure relaxation here….The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, is located in Iceland. What does Geothermal mean? The definition states, it is when fresh water and sea water combine at high temperatures. The water contains minerals, algae and silica, which is key for rejuvenating baths and relaxation. The water is a beautiful blue, which comes from the silica and the way the sun reflects off of the water. But when you pour water into a glass its white! The water … Read More

An Adventurous Kayaking Honeymoon

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If you are looking for an adventure and relaxing honeymoon, I have the honeymoon for you! What about Kayaking? You would be able to explore new places while taking  your time paddling down rivers. There are a ton of rivers that run though the metropolitan areas of cities. Some run right through major cities. Here is a list of different places to kayak. Chattanooga, Tennessee  Paddling down the Tennessee River, you will be seeing the city’s riverfront. You will pass … Read More

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