How to Survive a Long Flight

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How stir crazy would you get on a 10 hour flight?! What can you really do to keep yourself from going nuts sitting in a seat for a long period of time?!!! All long flights do not have to be miserable! Here are a few tips for your next long flight. The best thing to do is upgrade your seats to first class. It would be so much nicer to have leg room to stretch out and chairs that fully … Read More

Picking Your Bridal Party

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Its really difficult to decipher through your friends and family and pick your bridal party. Here are some tips when choosing who to have stand by you on the most important day of your lives! Take your time when asking people to stand up in your wedding. Once you asked there is no going back. When you first get engaged and the excitement is still in the air, do not rush and ask all your friends to stand up. Take … Read More

The Importance of Taking a Vacation

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Are you the type of person who is all work and no play? Will if so this read will be perfect for you. There are a few key points on why it is very important to get away from the office, for your own sanity and for your health. There is new research that ensures if you take a vacation from work you can increase your chances of getting a raise or a job promotion. Taking a well needed vacation … Read More

Bridal Shower Etiquette

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There are so many questions when it comes to weddings and the shower. Who pays for what, who throws the shower, who does this and that? Here is a quick guide to help with all those “fun” questions! First off — Who is supposed to throw the wedding shower? Traditionally, it is supposed to be the maid of honor or the bridesmaids. But in today’s times, lets be honest most of us are all broke. We are all starting out in our … Read More

How To Travel Healthy

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There is no one in this world that enjoys being sick. It would be the worst to get sick during a well needed vacation or honeymoon. There are a few tips that you can follow to stay nice and healthy during your traveling time. Before you travel it wouldn’t hurt to start taking vitamins. Just follow the instructions on a reliable vitamin bottle. The doses that are recommended will boost your immune system. When traveling most people get stressed out … Read More

Bridesmaid Dress Help

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Just like picking your wedding dress and everything else, you need to chose a dress for your bridesmaids. How can you even narrow it down to a couple after you have seen whats out there at the different bridal salons. Here are some tips to help you make a good decision on your bridesmaids dresses. First off, ask your girlfriends and family (the ones you pick) to stand by your side on your big day. Just do not assume. You … Read More

Star Hotels vs Diamond Hotels

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When searching for a hotel, most people look at the price then look at the star rating. Some people even go as far to reading what past guests have said about that hotel. Star ratings are scored on a 1 to 5 point or star scale, 1 being the poorest and 5 being the highest. The opinions are based on things such as how comfortable the beds are, how the service was and if there was safe conditions in the … Read More

Wedding Dress Advice

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We have been saying over and over how hard and stressful it is to plan your own wedding. One of the biggest things that you need to chose is your wedding gown. This is something that may take some time or you could try on the first dress and that one could be it (not likely but it could happen). Where would you even start? Let’s see if this helps you at all …. Take a look at some wedding dresses … Read More

Wedding Checklists

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Planning a wedding means deadlines, A LOT of details, and family drama. How is it even possible to plan everything for your wedding and not forget to book or plan something? Wedding planners and wedding extraordinaire’s have come up with a wonderful way to stay organized and keep you on track to plan a wonderful and amazing wedding. It’s called a wedding check list. There are many different types of lists out there on the internet and you can get them … Read More

New Solar Powered Adults Only Hotel

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This hotel will be right up the alley of traveler’s who love the environment. Viva Wyndham Samana V Hotel is an adult only hotel that will be opening up in November 2015. The hotel will be generated by solar power. The solar plant will supply 80 percent of the energy through out the hotel. The location of this hotel is in the Dominican Republic in the northeast province of Samana on Coson Beach. Viva Wyndham Samana V, is a nice … Read More

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