Packing in 30 Minutes

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Yes, that is right! Packing in 30 minutes can get a little crazy! But it can be done with some good skills. Maybe one day “he” will surprise you on a trip or even your honeymoon. He’s gotta keep you on your toes, right?!

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First things first, you have to be organized. Packing in a very short time frame can be hard. Even if your significant other will not tell you where your going you can ask certain questions so you know how to pack. Find out what the weather of your destination is going to be like so you can pack the proper clothing. How many days will you be gone? Find out what types of things you will be doing, will you be laying or the beach or doing more adventurous things like hiking or diving? A good thing to know also is  if you will be needing any formal clothes as well.

Now that you have an idea of whats going on, here are a few packing suggestions:

  • Bring pants/shorts (1-2 pairs) or a skirt or sun dress (depending on your weathers destination)
  • Several tops, try and get them to match both the skirt and pants/shorts so you are able to have several combinations)
  • Always bring a sweater in case its a little chilly.
  • Formal Dress
  • Don’t forget the shoes and flip flops. Again try and bring shoes that will match many outfits your bringing.
  • As mom would say do not forget your clean underwear!!


Let’s talk toiletries. Go into your bathroom, and look at all the stuff you use everyday. Common sense would be to pack your toothbrush (often forgotten about, but most hotels have extras) hair brush and make up are on the list as well. If you need a tool for doing your hair pack your curling iron and/or flat iron. A few other things on the list, razor, sun block or tanning oils, blow dryer (I prefer mine over a hotels), and first aid kit! When speaking of a first aid kit its good to have some pain meds (Tylenol/Advil) and anti acids as well.

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To go along with your getting ready regiment, do not forget any chargers to your phone, tablet or computer. Should you need to bring all these things? Maybe, in case you need to do a little work for your job or perhaps you like to play solitaire or read from your tablet. Just make sure the chargers get packed!


Now take a second to yourself. Do you have everything for yourself? Try and go through your every day routine and make sure its all packed! Packing can be done that easily, so don’t get stressed. Go and have a wonderful vacation and hopefully he contacted us at Simply Dream Travel and booked your most memorable vacation yet!



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