How to Take a Vacation without being Homesick

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Many people have fears about leaving their normal lives and exploring different areas of the world. Some may think only children can get homesick, but it’s really someone of any age that  can experience this. Here are some ways to help alleviate some of these pressures about traveling.

What does homesickness really mean? It means a person is having a hard time adjusting to their new surroundings. This person can also suffer from:

  • Lonelness
  • Cut off from their friends and family (their true support system)
  • Culture Shock
  • Problems and confussion about the culture and language
  • Missing their everyday life (friends and family)


Be that tourist, go explore all the most popular attractions. Become in tune with your surroundings. Once you find your favorite places that make you feel comfortable, start getting to know the people around you. Get to know the country or cities history and culture as well. If you try and blend in (after being a crazy tourist) you may feel like you are more at home! Starting trying the local cuisine too, this too will help getting culturally involved.

There are pros and cons about modern day technology such as facebook, facetime, and Skype (just to name a few). It is so nice to be able to call home, but its even better to see your friends and family’s faces on your laptop! This will give you a sense of re-connection. But the downfall is when you hang up, they are gone, they are not with you anymore. Reality sets in, so maybe if this is hard for you send an email just to check in. The consent reminder of not being with your loved ones can be hard and even more depressing. If you keep calling your support network, you are missing out on your trip. You should be spending every waking moment exploring and relaxing! By limiting yourself from social media can really help your sadness disappear.


By traveling with friends or family can also make you less homesick. You will have someone with you about 99 percent of the time! You both can sit down and make a list of things you both must see or do when your on your vacation. If your both into laying on the beach make a list of all the beach you want to visit or if you need a more active schedule make a list of all kayaking and hiking trips you want to take. If you stay busy you will be like mom? Mom who?


Take many photos to take back home and tell everyone about your amazing adventures. You will be so happy you actually made this trip come true. Homesickness is a major anxiety issue and remember everyone does go through it. When you feel ready to take a memorable vacation please contact us at Simply Dream Travel and we would be glad to put your anxiety at ease.



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