Creative Ways to Save for a Vacation

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Most people would love to go on vacation as much as they could. But, there is always something key that stops them, money. Living in this era, everything is so expensive and it’s really hard to spend money on a vacation. Sure you can put it all on your credit card, but then it’s going to take most of your life paying it off and don’t forget about the interest too. Here are some ways to help you save up money for a vacation.

First off, sit down with your family or friends (whoever your traveling with) and pick a time frame on where you would like to go to and when. Give yourselves some time to save, especially if its going to be somewhere expensive. A good spot to start is opening a savings account. This might be a good way to save because you won’t have money sitting around at home. Outta sigh,t outta mind. You can also set up your savings account to have a weekly or monthly withdrawal from your checking account into the savings account. Even if its only a few bucks a week, it will start to add up!

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Another way to save is put all your loose change in a jar through out the year. When the jar is full cash in all your change and apply that to the cost of your trip!

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Sit down and do a true budget plan. Write down all of your expenses and see what you can cut out, such as going to dinner 3 times a week, cook more at home. See if there are other things you can eliminate from your expenses such as paper delivery, your already paying for internet and the newspaper is on the net, so why pay for a double expense.

If you are planing a family trip, get everyone motivated to save. For the kids, have them in fun competitions on who can save the most. Obliviously, this wont be the leading factor in paying for the vacation. But it will also teach them how to save money instead of things just being handed to them for free. If your kids agree, instead of families getting them toys and stuff they do not really need, ask them to put money into the savings account for your special family vacation or gift cards to use on the vacation. Most people would be grateful for making their shopping trip so easy!

Have a garage sale. This way you can make money on the things you and your family do not use anymore (plus, your house won’t be filled with clutter anymore). So really, this is helping in more ways than one.

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Start finding free things to do, like go to the park or find activities for the kids to do at the library. During the months or weeks the kids are off from school there are so places that will have free days where they can enjoy going to and it will be no cost to you!

Start couponing and finding what stores have the best sales that week. With technology and websites that focus on helping you save money are very helpful! Some people even offer classes on how to use coupons more effectively.


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