How Jamaica Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd, and this is the time we remember to honor our planet and do something good for it. If we do good things for our planet only once a year, we might be doing something wrong. Imagine cleaning your house or grooming yourself just once a year. Maintenance is an everyday thing and the Jamaican people seem to know better. No matter when you decide to visit Jamaica, you’ll experience the natural beauty and … Read More

Rehersal Dinner Etiquette

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So the big day is almost finally here…..You will be practicing a few days before your wedding at your church or ceremony spot. Normally after the practice wedding, there is a dinner with the bridal party and some other guests of your choosing. Let’s talk about how this special dinner is supposed to go down! Who is invited? Bride and Groom Bridesmaids Groomsman Flower Girl Ring Bearer Officiant Both sets of parents Any other family members and friends who you … Read More

Picking Your Bridal Party

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Its really difficult to decipher through your friends and family and pick your bridal party. Here are some tips when choosing who to have stand by you on the most important day of your lives! Take your time when asking people to stand up in your wedding. Once you asked there is no going back. When you first get engaged and the excitement is still in the air, do not rush and ask all your friends to stand up. Take … Read More

Bridal Shower Etiquette

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There are so many questions when it comes to weddings and the shower. Who pays for what, who throws the shower, who does this and that? Here is a quick guide to help with all those “fun” questions! First off — Who is supposed to throw the wedding shower? Traditionally, it is supposed to be the maid of honor or the bridesmaids. But in today’s times, lets be honest most of us are all broke. We are all starting out in our … Read More

Wedding Checklists

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Planning a wedding means deadlines, A LOT of details, and family drama. How is it even possible to plan everything for your wedding and not forget to book or plan something? Wedding planners and wedding extraordinaire’s have come up with a wonderful way to stay organized and keep you on track to plan a wonderful and amazing wedding. It’s called a wedding check list. There are many different types of lists out there on the internet and you can get them … Read More

Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor Speeches

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Take a deep breath lady! Your up right after the best man says his speech. Most people are terrified of public speaking or speaking to a large crowd. With the tips in this blog, hopefully some of those butterflies won’t flutter so much when giving your amazing maid of honor (or bridesmaid) toast. Where to Start? A lot of times getting going is the hard part. Sure you and the bride probably have over one million stories you could tell! … Read More

Bars, Bars, & Bars

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When it comes to wedding planning there are so many different options to chose from. Brides and grooms often question what can we afford and what would be better for our guests. Let’s be honest your wedding isn’t for you, its for the guests! Of course they are all there to celebrate your new marriage! But, your catering to them more! What type of bar option is best for you and your guests? Let’s look at the different bars options … Read More

Marrying into a Different Culture

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Marrying into a different religion or culture can be very hard on a couple. There are a few tips and suggestions a future husband and wife should think about before the big day. Remember every family is not like yours, their traditions and beliefs are probably not going to be remotely like yours at all. Communication This is the most important key to any successful marriage. But, its even more significant when culture is not the same. There will be … Read More

Having a Wedding Planner vs Not Having a Wedding Planner

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There are so many benefits of having a wedding planner. Wedding planners are professionals who will not overlook the small details as a bride may.  Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding planner will benefit you! The number one reason brides may shy away from hiring a wedding planner is because they may think it is an additional cost. Which in hindsight may be true. But they will also help you stick to your budget and make those … Read More

Adult Summer Camp

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Can this be true? They have summer camps for adults! It is true. There are actually a bunch of adult only retreats across the United States. They have different themes and activities for adults to keep busy! If you are looking for something different to do with your bridal party before or after you nuptials, I think going to camp is a very unique and fun way to celebrate all together. 1. Camp Wandawega This is a retreat to help … Read More

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